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This is a prop I call the "kitchen sink coffin", mainly because it's got nearly everything in it except the kitchen sink. It was inspired byWickedBeernut's (WBN's) Computer Controlled Coffin, which in turn, was inspired by other designs in the past.




Here's what the Kitchen Sink Coffin (KSC) does:

  • The coffin starts shaking and you hear some groaning sounds from within.
  • The lid slowly rises and in amongst the fog you'll see "Elvis".

  • With a roar and a scream, Elivs pops up.
  • He then turn his head toward the tot'ers and says "thank you, thank you very much" (his mouth moves in sync with the audio track).

  • He then lays back down to the music "Return to Sender" playing.
  • Once the lid closes, the coffin shakes again and the song "I'm all Shook Up" plays.
  • It concludes with a voice saying "Elvis has left the graveyard".

Here's a short video of the coffin in action.




Here's what's inside:

  • 2 pneumatic cylinders controlled by 3 solenoid valves. One cylinder opens the lid, the other cylinder raises and lowers the corpse (diagram of how it works)
  • Pneumatic pressure regulator (everything runs at 35 psi)
  • 1 wiper motor with a cam that "shakes" the coffin (diagram of how it works)
  • 1 servo to turn the head
  • 1 servo connected to an audio/servo driver to move the mouth
  • An MP3 audio player
  • An 18 watt amplifier and speakers.
  • 1 fogger (so fog comes out when the lid is raised)
  • 1 Two channel RF remote control.
  • 1 Basic Stamp 2, which is what controls all of the above.


    This is the entire electronics package. The board to the left is the main controller, the item in the middle is a two channel RF remote that allows us to remotely trigger either of the two routines. The item to the right is a switching power supply that provides 5 and 12 volts. This one is from All Electronics. I don't give a part number on this because they sell surplus equipment and their inventory changes all the time, but they usually have numerous switching power supplies to choose from.  

  Here are the external connections for power, an external speaker, programming and air.  

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