Scary Terry's Haunted Graveyard 2003

A look at the graveyard with the Grave Stomper finishing up a job
The main entrance featuring Gus, our cemetery guard
Another view of the graveyard with Nessie, our flying crank ghost, the axeworthy triplets and the Kitchen Sink Coffin

This is our giant spider web. In 2004, this will have a squirming trick-or-treater caught in the web
Back again this year is our crazy mower guy with another victim

Our Grave Stomper this year added more animation

The Stomper head had a moving mouth and blinking eyes encased in an off-the-shelf latex mask

The eye-blink mechanism was comprised of strips of brass soldered together hooked to a small pneumatic cylinder
The mouth was driven by an audio/servo driver, with sound from a ChipCorder. The servo simply moved a dowel up and down that was embedded in the Stomper's chin.

New for this year was the Scary Crow......
and the dot room
The dot room was the highlight of the night for many of the neighborhood kids. It was very successful.

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