Welcome to my Haunted Graveyard for 2006. We made a few changes this year including the new "Monster Mash Graveyard" and the "Skelevision".

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The front of the house. Many parents waiting for their kids.
The Joking Skeleton Heads (JOSH) were doing their usual really bad Halloween jokes.
The entrance to the graveyard

Here's Gus (some call him Pops) our graveyard guard, keeping a close eye on things.
The highlight of our cemetery this year was the Monster Mash performed by our grave digger guy, who I now call Boris, and backed up by some strange creatures.
We were honored to have Elvis join us as a backup singer

Here's a closer shot of Elvis arising from the Kitchen Sink Coffin.

Here's one of our backup singers popping up from behind a tombstone.

And yet another backup singer, although I'm stumped as to what his name is :-)

Of course a big production number like this needs dancers and we had some of the finest.
As usual, the kicking legs prop got a lot of laughs. That skeleton is a real cutup.

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