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Here are some pictures of the setup for 2007. I didn't take any nighttime photos or video (other than the video from the "rotating tunnel that you walk through") this year.

Click on the photos for a larger image.


The graveyard for the last two years is what I call the "Monster Mash Graveyard"
It's based around the song Monster Mash and features a lead singer with back-up singers and dancers. Elvis even helps out from the Kitchen Sink Coffin.
These are some of the LED spotlights I use to illuminate all the tombstones. They're simply a piece of brass tubing with an LED and resistor inside attached to a piece of doweling. They work quite well.
Here's our lead singer who I call Boris. He used to be the Grave Stomper and there's more info on how he works here.
Boris houses the main controller in his chest. It links to the other props using CAT5 network cabling.
The main controller consists of a power supply (far right), a uMP3 player (upper right), a BASIC Stamp 2, a four channel lighting dimmer (under the main circuit board), a remote receiver (center), a 17 watt amplifier (lower left), a audio/servo driver board (right of amp) and a Mini SSC servo controller (lower center). The main circuit board is currently being revised (11/07), adding a SX28 mcu to relieve the BS2 of some of its workload to be able to add another song or two and allow for more precise timing of the show.
Here's one of the back-up singers which uses a GraveJumper mechanism......
......and another back-up singer I call "Stumpy".
Here are the electronics for Stumpy.
These are our dancers, just a pair of Blucky skeletons hooked up to the mechanism in the next picture.
This is basically a Flying Crank Ghost mechanism mounted vertically to a tree. It consists of a wiper motor hooked to an arm with fishing line attached.......
.....the lines go up to pulleys in an overhead bar, over and down to the dancing skeletons.
This is an end view of the "rotating tunnel that you walk through".
Inside the tunnel.
The board above the exit to the tunnel serves two purposes, it helps to stabilize the handrails and gives me a place to mount a camera and additional IR lighting. You can see the camera at the top and the 80 IR LEDs mounted in five cutouts in the board. Click here for a look at some video from this.
Here are some shots from this year's maze.
The drop down portrait that scares them every time.
These creepy busts are from Michaels.
Part of the Dot Room.
A shot of the Kicking Legs under the lawnmower.
A behind the scenes shot of our Joking Skeleton Heads (JOSH).
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