Scary Terry's Haunted Graveyard 2002

Here's our rooftop 8' ghost welcoming everyone to the graveyard.
Cemetery arch made from solid carved granite...... (Would you believe styrofoam blocks).
Graveyard Entrance

Here's Pops, our graveyard guard. He rocks in his chair and his mouth moves as he snores.
This is the main part of the graveyard with the Grave Stomper, Flying Crank Ghost and Axeworthy Flying Ghosts in the background.
Another picture of Pops.

A Grave Jumper is hidden in the bushes. This scared many unsuspecting TOTers.

Our Grave Stomper. The half-buried zombie tries to raise up but the Stomper pushes him back down with his foot.

The Stomper yells at the zombie as well as the trick-or-treaters while his lantern flickers in the evening air.
What graveyard would be complete without a Flying Crank Ghost?

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