Scary Terry's Haunted Graveyard 2002, Page 2  

My major project of the year, the Kitchen Sink Coffin. Click here for more information.
Here's my version of the Axeworthy Flying Ghosts. I'd heard so many horror stories about how hard they were to set up, I decided to keep them low key this year. Next year, all around the house (maybe).
The Axeworthy drive mechanism. A bicycle wheel and chain driven by a windshield wiper motor. A bungee cord is used to keep tension on the system.

Oh no, the skelletons are causing trouble. It doesn't look too good for the guy under the mower.
The guy under the mower is actually a pair of kicking legs (driven by a wiper motor) with lawnmower sound effects played back on my son's MP3 player. Every time I glanced at it, it looked very real.
This guy's just hanging around.

The JOking Skelleton Heads or JOSH exchanging really bad Halloween jokes (over 100 of them).
I think one of my favorite moments of the night was watching four of the neighborhood moms, who'd probably had too much wine, standing around listening to and laughing at every joke JOSH told.
A final view of Scary Terry's Haunted Graveyard until next year.

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