Scary Terry's Haunted Yard 2004


Welcome to my haunted yard for 2004. This year we added some new props including a "rotating tunnel that you walk through" and modified some of the older props. Enjoy.

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Everyone was welcomed by our giant rooftop ghost.
Our new and improved Joking Skeleton Heads (JOSH) were back after an absence last year. This pair tells about 50 really bad Halloween jokes.
At the heart of the new JOSH is completely self contained electronics which makes setting up a breeze. More info..

Here's Gus (some call him Pops) our graveyard guard, alert as ever. More info..
Our cemetery was pretty much the same as the last couple of years and included the Grave Stomper and Nessie, the flying crank ghost.

The Grave Stomper is an ongoing project, I like to add something new each year. This year, head nodding motion was added to go along with the head turning, eye blink

and mouth movement. Next year, I plan to add some arm movements. More info...

Here's Nessie, hovering over the graveyard.
This shows the rigging for Nessie. I run a pair of ropes between our house and a pine tree. She hangs about six feet below the mechanism.

Fred was one of my first pneumatic props, but he took way too long to set up since we'd have to dig a hole for the hand cylinder. This year, I mounted everything (cylinder, speakers, electronics) in a plastic storage box so he is truly plug-n-play.
This is one of our many laser carved tombstones. The spider webs are from a hot glue gun shooter.

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