Scary Terry's Haunted Yard 2004 Page 2

The Kitchen Sink Coffin had its usual place in the graveyard.
"Elvis" is looking good as usual.

The Kicking Legs did their thing accompanied by a great lawnmower sound track recorded by my son Kyle.
This is a picture I call the "clutter" shot for obvious reasons. It gives you a idea of the layout with the kicking legs and Kitchen Sink Coffin (under the blue tarp) in the foreground, the Axworthy ghosts overhead and the dot room (left) and "rotating tunnel that you walk through"l in the background.

Here's this year's one shot of the dot room. It is very difficult to photograph because it's really dark in there!
This shot of the Scary Crow shows its regular face as well as part of the beak that's visible when the head spins around. You can also see part of the four bar linkage.

New for this year is the Haunted Smudge Pot created by my son Kyle. It rocks, smokes (fogger inside), has an eerie glow and plays spooky sound effects. It's all controlled by a Basic Stamp 1.
This is my version of Trash Can Trauma. It's not a true TCT, in that it doesn't have an arm that swings out....
. but it does have sound effects and a strobe. It really got a lot of screams at the end of our haunt.

The "rotating tunnel that you walk through" was certainly our "monster" project of the year. The thing is huge, required countless hours of labor to build and is a storage nightmare, but the effect was awesome! After things died down on Halloween night, I stood in there, by myself for at least five minutes, trying unsuccessfully to convince my brain that the bridge was not spinning. This is a very impressive effect and was the most popular attraction at our haunt. Here are some more pictures.

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